About Bob

Two stories – an ocean apart – recently gripped America. ISIS revealed what pure evil looks like after the beheadings of innocent Americans, women and children. An elevator video of Ray Rice and his future wife revealed what domestic violence really looks like. These two unrelated stories – when combined – are what my family has dealt with since 1999 when my sister Lynnette was tortured by her abusive husband, murdered in their Ohio home, and discarded in garbage dumpsters throughout Michigan.

Lynnette's killer is free today. I asked my US Congressman, Bruce Braley, for his help in stopping the early prison release and federal interstate transfer of Lynnette's killer. Mr. Braley did nothing. I've proposed a two-sentence Lynnette's Law that could protect society from vicious killers; our government's first duty is to protect Americans from violent threats, foreign and domestic. Bruce Braley has refused for more than three years now to even respond to my repeated requests for his help on this law. This motivated me to enter this US Senate race and offer Iowans a better choice on November 4.

Beyond my personal mission of domestic violence awareness, prevention, and government funding, I have three key solutions to the dysfunction that is Washington DC:

1. Term Limits – Both parties are broken, blaming the other without solving our real problems. Some describe me as a JFK Democrat, but I'm a lifelong independent...just like 38% of registered Iowa voters. I'm working to represent all 3.1 million Iowans in DC for one term of six years. Two terms should be the limit.

2. Energy Made in the USA – Iowans benefit from cheap electricity made mostly from American fossil fuels. Bruce Braley voted for a carbon tax that would destroy Iowa's middle class, raising energy costs by thousands for every Iowan. I'm fighting for careers in domestic energy, often union protected, paying $60,000-100,000 per year; Mr. Braley's vision is part-time work at $10.10/hour. Low-cost American energy is essential to the return of Made in the USA products and jobs. I support renewables like Iowa's wind industry, while promoting conservation as the best solution to protect our environment. Mr. Braley's top dark-money supporter is Tom Steyer, who made his billions from the fossil fuels he now opposes for political gain.

3. Accountability – Voters are desperate for a leader who supports our US Constitution and the rule of law (Google "Dave Brat"), while fighting big government waste and the endless DC scandals. My fight for accountability is well documented at www.Life101byBob.com . During Mr. Braley's eight years in DC, our US debt has exploded from $8 to $18 Trillion! Finally, Mr. Braley shamefully initiated the illegal IRS targeting of conservatives. Let's replace the IRS with a Fair Tax.

I am running to offer Iowans common sense solutions to some of the toughest problems America has faced in my lifetime. Please visit www.BobQ2014.com to learn more about your third and best choice for US Senate.

Most respectfully,

Bob Quast for Term Limits

Independent Candidate for US Senate in Iowa

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