August 18, 2014 Press Release

VICTORY FOR IOWA! Iowa voters now have a third and best choice for their next US Senator – Bob Quast! "Bob Quast for Term Limits" has been certified by Iowa's Secretary of State, offering every Iowan a dynamic and independent option on the Nov 4 ballot. Iowans can now turn off the negative TV attack ads and check out Bob's positive message and solutions at Bob's campaign motto – "For Life & Liberty, not Big Government Waste" – has connected with over 10,000 Iowa voters in all 99 counties Bob has visited since resigning as a federal employee to directly take on Bruce Braley and ensure Term Limits apply to Iowa's most extreme and failed career politician.

You may also like to meet Bob and experience his real-life story at (his top selling 2012 book titled LIFE101). Read Chapter 10 – Lynnette's Law – free online and learn about Bob's fight for domestic violence awareness, prevention, and funding. Bob's personal mission to keep society safe from violent killers has been rejected by Mr. Braley, who has taken the 5th and refused for three years to even respond to Bob's direct requests for help from his Congressman. As Mr. Braley creates his own War on Women, Bob has taken the fight to the Iowa polls.

Iowa voters overwhelmingly agree we have a broken two party system, and we'll remain stuck in this Great Recession until we change DC. Many see Bob as a JFK Democrat who offers Democratic voters a far better choice than a failed politician and trial lawyer who disrespects hard working farmers and Iowans. Bob proudly points out he's a lifelong independent thinker and problem solver. Independents are Iowa's largest class of voters (almost 40%), and they have expressed great enthusiasm for Bob's conservative principles and key platform issues:

1. Term Limits – Both parties are broken; Iowa voters want and deserve a better choice over career politicians. Bob is that third and best choice.

2. Energy Made in the USA – Democrats' and RINOs' political war on fossil fuels/CO2 is prolonging our Great Recession. Sensible Americans embrace clean coal and natural gas, in turn producing high paying American jobs and products once again Made in the USA. DC desperately needs Bob's energy expertise.

3. Accountability – Voters are desperate for a leader who supports our US Constitution and the rule of law (Google "Dave Brat"), while fighting big government waste and the endless DC scandals. Bob has the unique and necessary experience in this area. Mr. Braley shamefully initiated the illegal IRS targeting of conservatives. During Mr. Braley's eight years in DC, our US debt has exploded from $8 to $18 Trillion!

Bob visited every Iowa county in less than three months, speaking directly to thousands of supportive Iowans who yearn for his common sense solutions. Bob's quarter-century of energy expertise shall be used to fight for our low-cost American energy industry that creates high paying careers, including the potential of a return to American manufacturing. Iowans understand that this war on coal is nothing more than a harmful tax on every Iowan since the vast majority of Iowa's cheap electricity comes from low-sulfur coal. Iowa voters and businesses pay one-third the cost of electricity compared to states like CA or NY that oppose fossil fuels. Mr. Braley opposes Iowa's cheap energy, and he fights the Keystone pipeline that would lower gas prices and create high-paying union jobs. Bob supports an "all of the above" approach to energy production, while also promoting conservation to reduce demand and protect our environment.

Please see what The Iowa Republican called "the greatest ad in political history" – visit and watch #GotBalls that's gone viral. Bob's campaign has already been featured twice on MSNBC's Morning Joe, as well as dozens of other national and local media outlets. Please share Bob's videos and message with everyone you know, as Bob's campaign is being built on this grassroots effort. Radical politicians like Mr. Braley care only about power, not people. The inverse is true with Bob. If you're an Iowa voter who's #GotBalls to fix what Mr. Braley has broken, please VOTE "Bob Quast for Term Limits" on November 4.